Rutland Interim Housing Position Statement

Ended on the 28 October 2022
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2 Approach to boosting housing supply

2.1 The Council is required to significantly boost its housing supply to achieve a 5-year supply as soon as possible.

2.2 This statement aims to provide interim guidance which will apply until the Council has adopted a new Local Plan for Rutland, although it may need to be updated as the preparation of the plan progresses. Additionally, if prior to that point the Council has established a 5-year supply and has also maintained a satisfactory position with respect to the Housing Delivery Test, then the need for this Interim Position Statement will be reviewed. Until the new Local Plan for Rutland is adopted, the Council must continue to judge planning applications on their own individual merits with reference to the adopted Development Plan and national planning policy including the NPPF.

2.3 The intention is for the Council to be able to guide development to appropriate and sustainable locations using this document to assist in the consideration of planning applications. It will help to ensure that housing proposals that may be submitted in advance of the new Local Plan are assessed in a consistent manner against national policy and guidance, with the aim of determining that the most appropriate development comes forward in the most suitable locations.

2.4 In this way, the Council intends to demonstrate that it is taking a proactive approach to reducing the shortfall and re-establishing a five-year supply.

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